Live at CBCC, 2015Solarbird the Lightbringer wasn’t yet a musician when the world changed underneath her. In civilian life, as Dara Korra’ti, she had been a published genetics researcher, a software developer for a certain… Monopolistic company… of yore, had a little art career going on the side… and, of course, she was a super-hero.

She likes to say that she didn’t change, the world did. But when the world changes around you, when the supervillains you’ve fought triumph, seize power, and get to set the rules about what’s right and what’s wrong, most people go along with that. Humans follow power. It’s what they do. And if you don’t go along, well – that makes you the villain now, doesn’t it?

So go ahead, dive in, run with it, why not? And try to have a sense of humour occasionally despite it all. So Solarbird founded Crime and the Forces of Evil, an ever-shifting band of officially-declared villainy, constantly adding and dropping members as supervillain groups always seem to do, performing rage-driven acoustic elfmetal to anyone who will listen, to anyone not quite willing to go along with whatever they’re sold. A determined little glimmer of ragey light, determined not to go out peacefully.

Or, depending upon how you look at it, one final problem that has yet to be eradicated. Really, it’s all in your point of view.

No matter how you slice it, you end up with two studio albums (Dick Tracy Must Die and Bone Walker), a live-in-studio release (Cracksman Betty), and an assortment of singles. People call us all sorts of things, like “lustrous, hard, and pure,” or “enchanting and uplifting,” or “brilliant and awesome.”

Plus we get things like this, too:

Solarbird: “I am so angry. I am going to disembowel him. I really am.”
Molly Lewis: “It’s really creepy, how you smile when you say things like that.”
Solarbird: Hi. Supervillain.

Who says we can’t have some fun and laugh a bit? Not us!