Minion Paul got a Vive VR headset and we set it up last night. He got decent dual GPUs – not the top of the line we saw at PAX, but solid entry-level VR-compatible GPUs – and it worked really well out of the box on setup! No weirdnesses at all.

And really everything stayed great until SURPRISE HERE’S GlaDOS and c’mon Vive I HAVE A RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST HER FOR A REASON. Okay, fine, pocket universe alternate GlaDOS I guess so technically different but y’know what no EXACTLY THE SAME.

and i did repair that robot. in fact, i made it better. just ’cause SOMEBODY can’t tell “off spec” from “dramatically improved” and SEE THIS IS WHY WE BROKE UP TO BEGIN WITH.

the rest of it is pretty awesome though.

Sadly, trying to get desktop streaming to work from Linux is still in large part No. I got the desktop streaming on video just fine! But no sound. And while okay that might work for art, it’s pretty pointless if you’re trying to stream, you know, music as you work. :/

(Vive 1, Ubuntu -5,253,142.)