Know what? You start talking about “shooting n*****s right in the dome” on Overwatch in-game chat, I will call you on it, and I will drop out, and yes, including competitive, just like I did last night.

Yeah, I know it hurts my competitive ranking. Particularly last night. I was on a solid streak and looking okay and now I’ve got a mid-match voluntary dropout on my record. I know that, and I will absolutely fucking take that gutshot because FUCK YOU, YOU RACIST SON OF A BITCH.

And I will take your ranking down with me. Hope you like playing five-on-six, dickbag, because you do that shit, it will fucking cost you. Or – I know! – maybe next time I’ll switch to Mei or Symmetra and start griefing you, making damn well sure you know why.

Still so angry. FUCK YOU, OVERWATCH RACISTS. FUCK. YOU. Fuck you, fuck your friends, fuck your rebranded ~~alt-right~~ white nationalism, and just in case you missed it, fuck you.

Fuck you so very, very much.

You know what else I’m sick of? People giving this kind of shit any kind of a pass. Fuck that, too. You let this shit go, you are the problem. Yeah, I said that – you’re not just an accessory, you’re a core part of the problem.

Nobody should fucking play with these shitbags. If you hear that kind of thing go down and you don’t call them on it and don’t drop, I am damned well going to judge you too. There were four other players in that chat who were apparently gonna let that go, and that’s horseshit.

Because these racist fuckers should know: they drop their shit on chat, the game is over. Right then. It should be a fucking guarantee. There’s no neutral ground here, and I am sick of people pretending there is.

RACIST GAMERS FUCK OFF! And racist gamer enablers? Fuck you, too.