Monday was weird. I mean, aside from the 15F record heat and ambush summer. That was part of it, tho’. Maybe setting the table.

I made a papercraft optical-illusion K-9 from Doctor Who Sunday night, and the video I posted early Monday morning has been played like 30,000 times already, because the official BBC Doctor Who tumblr reblogged it.

Two roofers apparently decided independently “eh, showing up is for other people” so now my lair improvements are problematic again. GUYS DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW THIS WORKS I CAN PAY YOU IT ISN’T EVEN STOLEN

Also, I think I am being trolled by China.

On the plus side, the new music store near the lair – Kennelly Keys, the one that used to be a gun shop and before that was custom window shutters – carries Black Widow merch. So… I guess that’s… still a little weird? But in a good way. At least it’s not Generic Stormtrooper.

More than Target

So, yeah. Monday was weird.