I can paint during blackouts, I can play with handheld sequencers during blackouts.

Basically, I got bored and started making theme songs for tacky game shows of the 1970s which never existed. None of these were good, of course, but this one was probably the least bad – I figure it’s circa 1977, a slot-machine celebrity-trivia-themed game show involving a lot of guest appearances by Jo Anne Worley and Phyllis Diller.

Oooh, bad luck there. <sad horn> Next contestant, pull that bandit!

Oh right, painting. Yeah, this is probably the last speaker post. I finally connected them up to my Samson amp to test the old-style connectivity, and the little Class T amps I added in are definitely better. Okay, the Samson has more bass, that’s fair. But wow, these miniboard amps are a lot more precise and focused in every other way.

And after the power went, out I painted ’em. These pictures aren’t 100% before-and-after, because I’d already cleaned them up a lot before taking the “before” shots. Yeah. Literal caked dirt filling the foam rings around the woofers. Sound quality aside, just consider that for a minute.

Yeah! This is what I meant on Twitter about looking like they belonged on a stage. Go you, paint!

This post is part of a series on restoring infamous vintage stage monitors. Spoiler: they made good, in the end.