I’ve posted about the effort to save KPLU as an independent Puget Sound radio station – with independent and good local journalism – a few times now. Pacific Lutheran University is selling the station, and right now, KUOW is the buyer, with intent to shut down their news and local programming and make it a full-time jazz outlet.

If KUOW’s direction of the last two years is any indication, the resulting station will basically be a syndicated-NPR-jazz feed with no local programming of note, and certainly no meaningful local news coverage. Since the new DC-based programme director took over, KUOW has become a wasteland of national syndication and corporatism. I’ve stopped my support.

So now is a very good time to pledge and keep that from happening, because they have a $200,000 matching grant, which means that all donations right now are doubled. It works like a Kickstarter, in that pledges are held pending meeting the goal. So go to their support page now and throw money – every dollar will be doubled for the next week. And thanks.