What the hell, fandom? I mean, I know, everybody is terrible lately, but c’mon.

Mark Does Stuff went public with the abuse and harassment he faced as FanGoH(!) at ConQuesT. Jesi Pershing, who resigned from the concom over their refusal to act, adds her account here.

MidAmeriCon II, despite being a separate convention, is clearly feeling some blowback and trying to get ahead of this right now. I hope they mean it. Rachael Caine has made a statement about being fed up with this bullshit.

Meanwhile, Rainfurrest is down, perhaps for the long term, due to misbehaviour including significant hotel damage and actionable assault. That’s quite the writeup. They did not get ahead of things, and it’s taken them down. Which is why it’s probably good that Katsucon is taking immediate action in response to similar bullshit happening at their event this year.

In short, TAKE SOME GODDAMN NOTES, PEOPLE – get ahead of this or go down. I like our shiny conventions. Stop wrecking them.

eta: File 770 now has a post up about it too, with a big comment thread.