A long time ago, a group of Star Trek fans decided to do a fan version of a Star Trek show, including actual episodes. They weren’t the first with this idea, but they were the first that I know of to do it as a period spin-off. It’s all original characters, different (and in one case original) aliens, it’s a different ship (USS Exeter, NCC-1706, yes, that Exeter, the reclaimed plague ship)…

And so they learned the tropes of 1960s television and made a pilot episode (“The Savage Empire”) to get into practice, and then started rolling on the main story idea, The Tressaurian Intersection. They built a complete bridge set, they rented a studio, they shot it, and parts started coming out, separated by many months at a time, then a year or more…

…until the final act, which never appeared, until it became long enough that I imagined they’d lost interest and given up.

Which is why stumbling across the complete episode a couple of days ago during a YouTube crawl was just such HOLY HELL THEY FINISHED IT shock moment. I think it had been six or seven years since the previous update. Here y’go:

If you don’t watch anything else, watch the teaser, because it closes on what absolutely would’ve been an iconic shot in the original series – and may’ve been a defining shot had this been an actual, period spin-off. I haven’t seen any shot in any of the other fan versions I’ve watched which managed such a thing, but this one did.

And besides, the editing on this thing is tight. I admire anybody’s crazy fanac trying to do any of these monsters, but a lot of the episodes I’ve seen will drag in places and wander a bit, because hey, you can, right? There’s no need to land on exactly 52 or 48 or 46 minutes or whatever.

But this production crew doesn’t waste any time. It’s not all that it’s high action at every moment, because it’s not. They’re just strong in economy of storytelling – particularly for a fan effort.

So, yeah. Go you, crazy fans. I ♥ you.