Finished up the single, “Thirteen,” for Conflikt; I’ve got a release candidate sitting on the hard drive, just need to run it by a couple of listeners to make sure I’ve not done something foolish I haven’t noticed.

It’s pretty crunchy, which is lots of fun. Not much overdrive on the octave mandolin, but that’s because it didn’t need any – it sounds all trashed out already. ♥

It’s also the first time I’ve recorded anything on the Godin A5 fretless bass. I’m doing very little fretless-specific playing (not zero, but very little), but I’m certainly spending a lot of time hanging out on the low fifth string. Subwoofers will have things to do. n/

I also experimented with a new technique, recording both a clean bass take and a take through a couple of really cool efx pedals and an amp that clearly wants to be making cookie monster metal, then mixing together. That was awesome.

I think I felt like making a statement here. I’m really proud of Bone Walker, but elfmetal it ain’t, particularly not in the “metal” category. This is kind of resetting that pointer a bit. Recalibrating.

I’d like to link you to the track, but I can’t, because first, it’s still an RC, not a released track, and second, it’s going to premiere at Conflikt, so they get it first, and third, I kind of have to ask permission from the person whose song I’m covering (with new lyrics) here – I got permission to use it for Conflikt, but not to put it up as a free download after. I just didn’t think about it. But I think they’ll say okay, I just have to ask first.

Now to see if I can get “We’re Not Friends” to come together in time for rehearsals. I sure hope so, it’s got a hell of a lot of good parts!

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