I mean, of course it goes without saying I’m not the only supervillain with computers. One was DDOSing our mail server for about 36 hours Sunday and Monday, which is kind of hilarious since we were down a big chunk of that time already for necessary upgrades/replacements. It was a decent-sized fleet – I blocked 26,000-ish bots before deciding eh, good enough for now.

It all abruptly stopped yesterday at 6:04pm. I apologise if you were downwind. Aheh.

Meanwhile, Kaye on Facebook requested more pictures of George. Here’s one! It’s from a few days ago, he was helping with my nap. He’s such a good kitty.

eta: Oh, they’re back. Around 100,000 machines this time. I wonder why? Ah, well, it’s not like I don’t have firing solutions ready.

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