I pulled out my ancient copy of Fallout 2 a while ago and found no sign of the manual, but decided, eh, I’ll figure it out. Which is how I got reminded of things like “90s games don’t autosave across levels” and “90s games don’t autosave when you level up.” SO LONG, PROGRESS!

The PDF of the manual was on the Fallout wiki, and that was fine for reading on a tablet. But no, I decided NO I WILL HAVE THE BOOK GODDAMMIT, even if the pages in the PDF are arranged impossibly for proper double-sided-pages book printing.

So I printed out everything, physically cut and reassembled it back into correct signatures, scanned and duplex-printed all those new signatures, recut all of them, and bound it using perfect-binding techniques with carpenter’s glue and fabric. Because I’m just that kind of obsessive.

I thought about trimming the excess glue but realised quickly that no, that’s really kind of thematically appropriate. As would be adding some radioactive material, but I’m only so much into thematic accuracy.

And then I mentioned this online and lj:flashfire demanded gifs or it didn’t happen. So see above, and below.

I’m unironically really pleased with the cloth binding

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