We have another High Wind Warning today, so will very likely lose power again, taking most of the site offline. It’s already atypically breezy right now – annoying, but what can you do?

Bandcamp will of course stay up, which means you can still play and/or download music, and the cyber2015 discount code will obviously still work.

On the plus side, at least, we’re making our way through the current series of Doctor Who, and at this point, I’m really glad I gave this series another chance. I’m liking the longer story format, and while the first half of this latest two-parter (The Zygon Invasion) was pretty much rubbish, the second half (The Zygon Inversion) more than made up for it – it made sitting through the terrible first hour worthwhile.

In particular, Jenna Coleman is just knocking it out of the park every episode now. Her performance in Inversion just – wow. I’m actually going to miss her, after this year.

Plus, we haven’t heard a good Doctor Rant like the one we got this episode in quite a while. Sometimes those get pretty tiresome, but this one was built right and in the right kind of context and was all character-revelation-y for a guest character without just being an exposition, and that’s how you should do these. Or, at least, it’s one of the right ways. I’ll take that with some ice cream, Doctor.

Plus I will admit hearing the Brig say “five rounds rapid” made my little fangirl heart squee a bit. XD

So, yeah. If we go out, the Bandcamp site will still be up, as will the LJ/Dreamwidth echoes and all that. And we’ll probably? be back by sometime tomorrow.

Assuming the volcano doesn’t blow. There’s kind of a thing, we kind of have to deal with it today, we kind of need power for that, we do have backup, but only so much, and and and. Such a bother.

Ah, well, best get to it. Geoengineering waits for no one.

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