Hey, check it out – the Free Court of Seattle books are on sale – ePub only 99¢, and print $5 off for the two novels! Pretty swank.

Also in hey news, the Facebook band page hit 200 likes! That’s awesome, so let’s celebrate with a giveaway of any download you want from the Bandcamp site, including the apparently-we’re-now-allowed-to-say-Grammy-nominated album, Bone Walker. Apparently we’re allowed to say that now!

(Being me, I will of course remind people it is the long list, not the short list that most people think about. Still, we made it past the jury, and apparently that counts. We’re nominated! Yay! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ )

Anyway, We’ll do it as a drawing. Hit “Like” on this post on the Facebook band page to enter. Everybody who does that is entered.

Alternatively, since most of you aren’t reading this on Facebook, you can drop a comment right here on the official blog to enter. I know that’s an extra step but it’s a Facebook achievement, right? So they get it easier this time.

You’ve got ’till, oh, Wednesday. How’s that?

Looking for the Grammy Awards Long List nominee post? Thank you for listening, and for your consideration.