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vcon 40 and photos

So yeah, hey, I went to VCON 40!

It’s a little bit of a blur, mostly thanks to too much fun crammed into too few days followed by unfortunate con crud. All of the panels I was on went really well, and most were heavily attended – the exception being Sunday morning at 10am on self-publishing, that one not so much. None of us were awake, and by “us,” I mean “VCON members” – this is a pretty seriously late-nite con.

I hung out with the hot tub crowd for a bit, and one of the surprisingly large number of fem!Sheps (the two most technically impressive were in the masquerade, see below) kept me in alcohol and unexpected affection. I got to wave papers in the air like a five-cent street-corner Leninist during the Puppies panel and that’s always a good day.

They had a Family/Fannish Feud PM game-show that was not remotely worksafe but our team didn’t make it up on stage, which is a damn shame. They also had super-snazzy technology that my version from some years ago didn’t have and it was pretty sweet – you can see the projector in shots from below.

Captain Canuck picked up Steve Rogers and his punching bag, which was pretty hilarious but didn’t stay posed long enough for me to get a shot. The Turkey Readings – wherein terrible works of fiction are read and acted out by audience members, with the rest of the audience bidding in cash to make them stop – had some new people and some prime material this year.

The Dead Dog almost imploded, because the hotel totally didn’t separate “quiet” and “party” spaces and shut it down, even though I have it on good authority that this was in the contract and there will be repercussions, and everyone including everybody snuck off Elsewhere to By God We Will Have a Dead-Dog and did. When I left just before 4am, it was still going pretty strong – just every so often we had to suddenly All Be Very Quiet, with concordant shushing and sssssssssh and apparently being a party made up entirely of snakes.

Ain’t no party like a Slytherin party, is what I’m saying.

So, yeah! Bought next year’s memberships already, will be there for 41. You should too, it’s great.

Guests of Honour

Fannish Family Feud
The room was actually packed, the empty seats are where the two teams
were sitting before they went up on stage.

Holy Shit It’s Finally October of 2015 And Marty is Here
I kept calling him Calvin.

Masquerade Winners

I found an alchemist and loaded up on void, fire, and frost salts
Time to make some potions!

and people wonder why I'm a supervillain

Obama has pledged to make the TPP public but only after the legislation has passed.”

Wikileaks release of TPP deal text stokes ‘freedom of expression’ fears
Intellectual property rights chapter appears to give Trans-Pacific Partnership countries’ countries greater power to stop information from going public

Wikileaks has released what it claims is the full intellectual property chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the controversial agreement between 12 countries that was signed off on Monday.

TPP was negotiated in secret and details have yet to be published. But critics including Democrat presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, unions and privacy activists have lined up to attack what they have seen of it. Wikileaks’ latest disclosures are unlikely to reassure them.

One chapter appears to give the signatory countries (referred to as “parties”) greater power to stop embarrassing information going public. The treaty would give signatories the ability to curtail legal proceedings if the theft of information is “detrimental to a party’s economic interests, international relations, or national defense or national security” – in other words, presumably, if a trial would cause the information to spread.

“The text of the TPP’s intellectual property chapter confirms advocates warnings that this deal poses a grave threat to global freedom of expression and basic access to things like medicine and information,” said Evan Greer, campaign director of internet activist group Fight for the Future. “But the sad part is that no one should be surprised by this. It should have been obvious to anyone observing the process, where appointed government bureaucrats and monopolistic companies were given more access to the text than elected officials and journalists, that this would be the result.”

surprise george visit

george what even are your ears

yes you have a nose fine GET DOWN

the apollo archive

All the Apollo mission photos, all in one place.

Still sick. Less badly, though. So enjoy some photos from the only crewed missions to the moon, and hopefully we’ll be back to normal tomorrow.

vcon was great, but

VCON was – as always – a whole lot of fun, but I came back with con crud, which is really weird, because I never come back from things with con crud. My plans for the day consist mostly of sleeping, occasionally being awake while lying down, and drinking lots of fluids.

and retaining every ounce

Hopefully tomorrow will be less stupid.

oh hello

My Friend and I Would Like a Word With You

The photos from the Bethesda booth finally showed up! More at Flickr.


Woah, VCON starts tomorrow! I’m on a bunch of panels and my concert is Friday at 7pm, with the possibility of an ish on that because I don’t know if that includes the setup time.

Because I’m just goofy, I’m bringing like three instruments just for the show, plus a few others for a panel, and I’m doing some really old material and a couple of things I’ve just written. BRAND NEW AND FRESH FOR YOU!

Over on Dreamwidth, Batyatoon asked if she could get a listen to the surprisingly cheap and trashy and awesome sound the octave mandolin makes when it’s tuned to an open power chord that’s down a bit. Since she’s all East Coast Tribe and stuff, and therefore far away from any likely shows, I’ve decided CAN DO, SPORT!

This is a raw single mic recording I just made of the “Thirteen” riff, no effects at all, barely any compression for levelling, but it’ll give you the idea:


I love how overdriven it sounds even though there’s not a hint of actual overdrive. I’m still getting a feel for it and a SRS BSNS PRO probably wouldn’t play it out yet but SINCE WHEN HAS THAT STOPPED ME? Muah ha ha!

Relatedly, Part Two of the Doctor Who series opener… surprise! It was pretty good! I’ve got a nit or two to pick, but nothing major, and again, several bits I really quite liked. Still on probation, but this is the best it’s been in a while. I don’t know what happened, but I’m glad it did.

Anyway – see you at VCON, I hope!

said count by the minutes and count by the hours
you’ll see a future that you never knew
but the path’s all covered with the blood of strangers
raggedy man, there’s too many of you

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