Happy Halloween from VAULT-TEC!

And we’re all ready. Dozens of nice little candy gift packages from VAULT-TEC, with candy and a surprise inside – instructions on building your very own back yard nuclear reactor. Heat your hot tub, water your plants to get extremely unusual flowers, and saving on heating bills – it’s wins all around.

I’ll be answering the door as a VAULT-TEC sales rep, of course, which in the actual pre-war Fallout world would probably make me the worst house on the block. But hey, at least it’s actual candy, right? Everybody likes Atomic Fireballs. (Well, I like Atomic Fireballs. Not even ironically, I’m just fond of cinnamon. It’s yummy.)

This is probably the first Halloween I’ll have worn two separate costumes. Historically I’ve only ever done that at conventions, and even then, rarely. SCENE CHANGE!

Guess who got a PROMOTION?

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