I’m making little gift packets of candy for Halloween. I also need to whip up a Vault-Tec ID and some business cards, but that’s easy enough. Here’s a picture of the packets:

Happy Halloween from Vault-Tec!

Three variants, so I could see how they looked. The outside is a Vault-Tec “Prepare for the Future” flyer; I’m going with festive orange, of course. Specifically the darker orange, since that’s higher contrast and easier to read. On the inner side? Simple instructions for building your own back-yard nuclear fission reactor. Easy as pie, and wow, will you save on those heating bills!

The way the packages are folded gives them six edges – that’s for the two H3 atoms for the heaviest of heavy water. The candies inside are – of course – Atomic Fireballs. Three per package, for that same H3 symbolism.

And sure, maybe out water purification systems would last longer if we didn’t use such heavy water. But, by gum, that’d be compromise! Won’t have it! Nothing but the best from VAULT-TEC!

eta: Business cards:

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