Wow, SXSW really screwed up.

First, by scheduling a pro-GamerGate panel filled with people who have led harassment campaigns as a “balanced discussion” “counterpoint” to another scheduled panel, on web design that’s built around limiting harassment.

Because you always want to provide time to harassers to counterpoint building web interfaces that encourage civil discussion and discourage harassment.

Even better: SXSW bypassed the normal process for the GamerGate panel. Panels have to go through vetting and public comment, and be submitted by a deadline. None of that was true here. It was apparently thrown in secretly.

Then, when said GamerGate panel’s members started throwing GamerGaters at the web design panel, and the inevitable harassment and threats went out, SXSW cancelled web design panel because that panel’s members were being harassed. SXSW claimed they couldn’t have a “civil discussion,” because the panelists were being targeted. No, really, here’s SXSW’s idiotic statement on the matter.

Blaming the victim much? Blaming the victims they set up as targets? This gets into outright mendaciousness. There is a point of incompetence at which it stops being simple incompetence and becomes malice. Congratulations, SXSW, you hit that point.

SXSW then also cancelled the GamerGate panel, but wow, that does not make it better. The Daily Beast has strong words about this. So does Chris Kluwe at The Cauldron.

What the fuck is wrong with SXSW?

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