I don’t normally get into this kind of politics here, but I have to, because it’s so hilarious, in that horrible way.

I’ve been watching all these people go on about how awesome Pope Francis is. How great and progressive and and and. I suppose in contrast to recent history, you can talk about that, and sure, he’s not Pope Palpatine – but then again, who is?

And the thing is, I’ve seen all sorts of anti-queer stuff still coming out of this pope, because of course you do. It’s the goddamn Catholic Church. And every time it’s brought up, I see it downplayed, and dismissed as unimportant, and I count the he-has-to-but-really-doesn’ts that keep popping up.

But I’m a supervillain: I know better. “I know traps, traps are my way of flirting. This is a trap.

Happy Fun Pope himself(!) arranged a private meeting(!) with Kim “God’s Law Trumps Real Law” Davis. Commended her courage, gave her and her husband rosary beads he blessed. I don’t know how much bigger an endorsement you’re going to get out of Catholicism while still alive.

So oh look, the Church still hates queers. omgwtfbbq. Happy Fun Pope is part of the Chruch. GUESS WHAT HE’S NOT FOND OF?

See, thing about reality is… Reality always comes back to kick you in the ass. Always. Never forget that, and never just gloss over it, hoping it won’t for you.

Reality doesn’t make exceptions. Not for you; not for anybody.

eta: Here’s a post with links to some of his interesting statements and actions as a social conservative.

eta2: BackBackBackBackBACKpedal: Vatican says they don’t support Kim Davis in specifics.