Norwescon 2016 (the 39th Norwescon) is spinning up, and projects are well underway. I’m not part of it this year, but the festival I started – nwcMUSIC – absolutely is, and needs all the people it can get. I’ve talked about this before in some depth, of course, but in short form, it was time for me to step away and hand the reins to someone else, so that’s what I’m doing.

Now, they’ll be dividing my job up into many nice bite-sized pieces, so you don’t have to go all in at once. They’ve filled a couple of positions – daytime programming director, for example, which is a big one – but are without doubt still looking for more. The first all-hands meeting is September 19th, just eight days away, in SeaTac. It would be really great if anyone and everyone interested would show up. Or, if you’re interested but can’t make that meeting, let them know that, too.

Also, as I’ve said before, I will totally dump information at you. I will be a resource. I have a lot of institutional knowledge and I want to share it in order to keep this thing going. So, hie thee off to Norwescon and volunteer with Programming (for daytime events) or Special Events (for concerts and other large event items). Opportunities are available now.

To speak honestly: while it is definitely time for me to step away from the organisational side for a while, I’ve had some amazing experiences building nwcMUSIC, and met a lot of awesome people running events at Norwescon. It seems pretty damn likely you will too. Give it a shot, and find out for yourself.

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