We had a pretty bad windstorm up here at the Lair; we didn’t even plan this one, or any part of it. For once. We’re back online now, but I spent a bunch of time Sunday evening getting webservices back together – don’t ask – after the power and network outages, so I’m my post on E Pluribus Hugo will have to wait another day.

What won’t wait are thanks to the people who came out to the shows in Tacoma on Saturday, despite the storms that pummelled Portland, smacked around Seattle, lashed the Lair, and vitiated Vancouver to the point where they had to pull an emergency evacuation of their zoo because the grizzlies’ pen got blown open and things were about to go all Jurassic Park on their clientele. Hilarious, but not good for repeat business.

Somehow, through all this, Tacoma was sunny and fine. I don’t think it even sprinkled. I don’t understand it either. We even did a short encore outside, when the festival had to shut down the stage because time, because we decided that we were not done. I’d link to a picture of that, but the only one I know of is friendslocked to the poster on Facebook.

I may have some video. I hope so, anyway. We’ll see. Right now, we seem to have a little break; next up is VCON, the first weekend of October! I’m looking forward to it already. 😀