Rehearsal last night for the shows in Tacoma this weekend; we’re going to have two more, one as Leannan Sidhe, and one as Crime and the Forces of Evil, probably on different days since rehearsing two bands’ worth of material in one day is a wee bit of a pain in the ass.

(I say that particularly since Leannan Sidhe gave me like nine new songs like two and a half weeks in advance, one of those weeks to be spent at Worldcon. But she only does things like that because she knows I’ll do it.)

So I spent a lot of that Worldcon week repeatedly listening to the new material and working on some of the more amusing chord changes. I rather suspect power-A to G#m to F#m to C#m in beat succession is easier on guitar than on zouk. But! I can be taught. And I was able to charge right through it just fine each time in rehearsal today. So, yeah, go me.

Now I just need to get a better grip on a couple of these new harmonies…