I wasn’t going to post from Sasquan, the Worldcon, but I kind of had to, the sky is just… broken. It’s nuts.

I had to do some colour manipulation to try to get these skies in these photos at least closer to the colours I was seeing. They’re still not right, but they’re at least in the neighbourhood. Keep in mind this is like 4pm, not sunset or anywhere near it.

a broken sky

a broken star

It’s because of all the brush fires in the Cascadian east right now – it’s really bad. In the north central part of Washington State, they’re evacuating entire towns. On the way here, we took route 2, and we saw several areas where fires had come right up to the road this summer.

Separately, the geology along the west-central part of Route 2 is really, really neat. Hopefully I’ll have some photos of that, later. I haven’t had a chance to go through those, I’ve been busy playing! But more on that later.

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