As promised, more photos from Clallam Bay Comicon, a.k.a. CBCC, a.k.a. the Party on the Peninsula. Scroll down, there’s a third fireworks picture that’s pretty good, and a fourth one that I really like.

I’ve mentioned before that CBCC is really kind of a weekend vacation for me, but one where I’m running a table and doing a show, and how that works out to be a vacation is mostly because it’s also during Fun Days, a yearly event out there. Also, the fish and chips at the Clallam Bay Inn.

There are Giant Metal Salmon:

Yes, It Will Eat You. But there’s art inside.

And a small-town parade, with goats and, of course, antique cars:

C’mon, goat!

The Obligatory Muscle Car

And there’s also a whole-town potluck and some surprisingly good hamburgers from the local Lion’s Club and all that sort of thing that goes with rural festivals thrown in the middle of summer just because you can.

But there is also a convention! I did a few panels, and here’s Anna doing a roundtable discussion panel on self- and hybrid publishing:

Anna took a picture of my show, which was nice of her! She posted it on Facebook earlier, but there was some Thanks Facebook compression and artefacting that I cleaned up.

The con had an official hotel for the first time – the Winter-Summer Inn, which is actually a Bed-and-Breakfast, which means it books about… 16? I’m not sure. Something like that. Still, it’s our hotel, and we sold it out.

From the road, it looks super-tiny. I mean, hilariously small. Turns out it’s actually quite large inside. Not quite TARDIS-like, but surprising. This is one of the common rooms, where the mini-video film festival took place:

And in the evening, SO MANY FIREWORKS OH MY GODS. This year we went down to the beach itself. While the explosions went on for over two hours, it was quieter than usual, probably because of the burn ban followed by surprise but deeply, deeply appreciated all-day rain. (On the way out, the fire danger signs were all at their highest levels; on the way back, all the way back down to “high,” which is normal. Such a relief.)

Anyway, the best part about sitting directly on the beach is that some of the fireworks end up directly overhead. Which is seriously the best thing. Plus, if someone happened to, you know, find some fireworks somewhere, you might set them off! Can’t leave them there, after all, that’d be a hazard.

Donna Lights One Up

I’ve put more photos than here on the Flickr account, but these and the other two posted on Monday are my favourites. This first one? Directly overhead. A highly satisfactory BOOM.

And I love the sillouettes on this one. There are more kind of like this on Flickr, but this one has the best colour and scatter.

So, yeah! See you there next year, maybe. As long as we don’t get destroyed by giant earthquakes before then. Boom.