I’ve been writing songs again for the first time since all those eye surgeries, and the Clallam Bay Comicon show is going to be any of them I can get to a really solid first draft. There’s going to be at least two: “Thirteen” and “Supervillain for I Love You.” There aren’t enough supervillain love songs, so I’m writing one. And will likely write more.

There’s at least a shot at “We’re Not Friends” and I can’t rule out “Everybody’s Famous (at the NSA)” and maybe another one. “Everybody’s Famous” is pretty fucked up, I’m just putting that out there now.

Here, have an orchid picture. I semi-inherited this plant; I found it abandoned and pretty dried up. But it recovered and now it has strange little flowers.

So what is
supervillain for I love you?
supervillain for I care?
supervillain for I need you?
supervillain do you dare?