Raptor emergency supplies compartment is all sorted:

A Well-Stocked Raptor is a Secure Raptor

Tho’ honestly, it’s good to have an emergency kit if you’re going out on long trips – for me, road trips for shows – and this vehicle has a place for a rather substantial one in back, as long as you don’t mind many shallow boxes. It’s hard to see in this photo but all this is in recessed divided sections, underneath the cargo floor, which is really nice. Nothing slides around or gets in the way.

The red box is a basic first aid kit, to which I’ve added a few extra supplies; the other boxes are as labelled. Under this layer there’s another separate compartment, with a toolkit, basic repair supplies (fuses, tubing, etc), spare tire and tire repair kit, as well as flashlight, things like that.

If you like putting things away in neat little boxes (even if the supplier changed their labels mid-stock and you ended up with two different labels, aheh), this is a pretty good vehicle to have. XD