The Raptor has this huge cargo area in two-seater mode, larger than that of all but the largest SUVs. It’s also got a three-seat mode, which might actually be useful, as well as four and five (if one person is small) modes. Three-seat mode will be particularly useful for Leannan Sidhe gigs, since that’s usually a three-person band, and we’ll still have quite decent room for cargo in that configuration.

The vehicle comes with a cargo-area tray for all-seats configuration (again, in theory five, really four adults), but you can’t even buy something specifically made for two-seat mode. Even most universal cargo-area liners simply aren’t big enough, which is hilarious – all these SUV toys being too small for my Honda Fit Raptor, lol – but I found a one that was, and stared modifying it.

Pictures below the break…

Liner, two-seat mode, left

Liner, two-seat mode, right

The rear seat backs, when up, clamp on to steel connector loops. I’ve repurposed those here for velcro loops attached to the liner, to keep the sides vertical. The big surprise was finding that they can be used for both at the same time, but I’ll get to that below. There are also now velcro attach points at the far left and far right up front, to keep the front wall vertical all the way across. That doesn’t actually add much functionality, but it is neater looking, and it didn’t take long.

The big green line is a new seam I cut and hemmed with green fabric. I then added velcro to connect back together. It’s a no-op when in two-seater mode, but when you go to three…

Liner, three-seat mode, right

Liner, three-seat mode, centre

Just unvelcro the seam and put up the right seat, and you have this configuration. The extra fabric folds flat, you’ve still got full-length cargo coverage on the left side, and with an added extra loop of velcro up front, both levels of front wall stay up without any fiddling.

Here’s what it looks like from the third seat:

The Third Seat

Jeri Lynn, our cellist, said that this is the first vehicle she’s ever been in where the back seat was more comfortable than the front.

So, yeah, ready for touring! We’ve actually already used it once – for the shows in Oregon a week ago – and it was nice.

I also built a custom trash bin that attaches with, again, velcro. Now if I can just get that RAPTOR 312 LIGHT identification plate made…