Sorry for the radio silence the last few days – I’ve just been swamped with offline stuff. Nothing interesting, I’m afraid. But hi, all you new visitors from Tumblr! I see the John Barrowman/Gatekeeping and Recourse post is making another around. You can click on the gadget on the left to play our music, or pick individual tracks on Bandcamp. Good to see you!

Oh, what’s going on… I fixed that bad amp, finally. Well, mostly – it won’t run with battery anymore, that board is just fried and I don’t feel like rebuilding a new one from scratch. But the rest works.

We’ve given our new car a name – Raptor 312. We’ve never named a car before, but a couple of weeks ago bought a silver Fit. Mostly we wanted more cargo space and a hatchback again, but as soon as we got it home, we went “y’know, this thing looks like some sort of shuttlecraft.” Then we decided that it had to be a Raptor – Sharon ‘Boomer’ Valerii’s Raptor, in particular. Because Cylons.

Anyway, that’s all we have time for right now. Plans are afoot, schemes are ascheme, no rest for the wicked, all that.

eta: …wow, hi, aqua-aureum followers. There are certainly a lot of you! I will take the opportunity to confirm aqua-aureum’s suspicions that I would not have tolerated a (known) white supremacist in our midst, and add that pleasantly, the question never even came up. Go us, I suppose.

Anyway, I hope you’ll give some of my band’s music a listen. We have some free-download tracks too. And welcome!