The propellentless electric drive may actually work, says latest NASA test. That’s super cool. Seriously, I am crazy excited about that. I’m still holding off on going WOOHOO MOON EXPRESS because this is very much in that category of “extraordinary claims” and “extraordinary evidence,” but wow, it would be amazing. Seriously, with existing conventional submarine reactor power sources, we’re talking four hours TO THE MOON.

NO REALLY, FOUR HOURS TO THE MOON. And Alpha Centauri in less than a century. We’re talking about comprehensible time here, where shit starts getting real.

We’re still a long way from that. Don’t get hopes up too high; this could still all be noise or who knows what. And it probably is. But it might not be, so: exciting.

I am not so excited that listed all the men in the UK and US who had worked on various reproduction tests of the drive, but anonymised the work of Processor Juan Yang and her research team’s critical work confirmation reproduction efforts in China.

Fortunately, not all stories were so scrubby with that eraser, which is how I know her name. Still – goddamn,, mentioning everyone but her?

But then, given that journals will occasionally slip and just tell women scientists outright that if they want to get their work published they should add some men to the author list (and, incidentally, that men are “better” paper writers because “[m]ale doctoral students can probably run a mile race a bit faster than female doctoral students,” and yes, that is a quote), I guess I have to ask, what the fuck do I expect?