Roses and Ruin is a Leannan Sidhe album project. It’s akin to Cracksman Betty in that it’s single-day efforts, with only light production.

Unlike Cracksman Betty, it wasn’t ever wrapped up. And Leannan Sidhe is coming over today to record the first new track for the project since… I don’t even know. Quite a while!

It should be fun. It’s my first recording session in, like, five months. How the hell did that happen? Oh, right, releasing a major album, that’s right. It’s apparently time to get back on that pony.

Which… okay, long-time fans might just remember a song I’ve performed about four times ever called “Getting Away with It.” It’s this massive sprawling monster, probably a bit self-indulgent, crazily complex, all that. It was supposed to be on Dick Tracy Must Die, but I couldn’t get it to work like I knew it should.

Eventually I pretty much gave up on it, and it sat, half-forgotten, in the back of my lyrics books, my personal Don Quixote.

Then somebody asked me to play it after reading the lyrics at a Leannan Sidhe rehearsal. I had to struggle to remember how it even went, and I got the rhythm totally wrong in the verses, or did I, because in getting it so wrong, I think I see how I can get it to work.

I’m just glad I don’t have to work with Charlton Heston to find out.

Anyway, best get this posted. No rest for the wicked, after all. MINIONS! SET UP THE MICS!