There are a lot of new visitors here over the last week, and almost all of you are here for the Hugo Awards gaming/Sad Puppies articles. And that’s great – welcome!

But I am a musician, after all, so how about a welcome present. First: all pay things on Bandcamp are 25% off with this checkout code:


That includes all music, and both Free Court of Seattle novels in paperback, which I can stock and sell via arrangement with the author.

Also, I have a bunch of tracks that are free-downloads all the time. I want people to download them! They’re right here, with stories about how each one came about because a lot of them have stories.

So give a listen (we like Bandcamp because Bandcamp lets you stream entire tracks), find some things you like, and maybe throw our bandwidth fund a little love. And regardless, welcome, and we hope you’ll stick around! ♥