Speaker two, out of the gate, actually sounded a little better than speaker one. Particularly the tweeter, since with some cajoling, it actually came back online with less effort than the tweeter in speaker one.

So of course I started with speaker one, because yeah, it’s do the worse case first, see what I get. And that came out pretty well. So today I’m working on speaker two, the one that had all the extra crap like fibreglass insulation inside, and start taking it apart.

I get the tweeter driver taken apart, and the foam (like in speaker one) is made pretty much out of spiderweb and motor oil at this point, and I replace it, and then I look at the driver dome diaphragm.

That’s not good

So yeah that’s not good at all. So I work on pulling it off, and it’s not easy, and in fact it’s very not easy at all in ways it should be, and I’m thinking, oh, this is not good, and then I manage to wedge it out of the driver.

oh ick

Yeaaaah, something crawled up there and died

It took a lot of work to get all of that out of the dome and also all of that out of the slot where the driver cone lives (and yeah, it was in there too), and to be honest, I’m really confused that this tweeter worked at all, much less as well as it did.

Anyway, I did all the things I did on the other speaker (rebuilt the crossover, changed the design like in speaker one, added in the new compensation circuit like in speaker one, pulled out the giant twitter rheostat, added a standard quarter-inch connector, also fixed some physical oddness in the back panel that wasn’t in speaker one), and put it all back together pending the new dome.

This is playing back the track I was using most often as a reference before. Once again, given the condition of the cone, I’m astounded it sounds this good. You can hear some of the problems the damaged cone is causing, nonetheless. This one makes it more obvious – lots of sibilance hiss that isn’t in the recording.

But yeah, that’s really most of it. Need a new part, I can order that, the rest is cosmetic. I’m going to build some mini-screens to hide those air-holes in the front, since they aren’t cosmetic; I’m not sure what to do about the outsides or the grille yet; it’ll need something. I could felt them, I suppose, but… I’m not sure. Might be fun to go all brass and stuff, why not?