One day to nwcMUSIC 2015 and Norwescon 38. As part of the big show, Anna and I are both offering discount on our arts, and I’ve been making miniflyers and stuff.

Those discount codes are already active, by the way

Also, Anna has some Bone Walker posters to give away; they’ll be on the freebie table or at the NIWA table in the Dealers’ Room. You should go visit her there during the day! And, as last year, we’ll be streaming concerts via the fine folks at FanSupported,

My big worry is that Cascadia’s Got Talent! is the masquerade halftime show. Getting acts has always been dodgy. We’ve always had enough for a good show in the end, but generally not until right before curtain, and that’s hair-raising at best. So please, if you have any kind of talent and want to have some fun showing it off? Sign up at the con. Paperwork will be at the Information Table.

It’s running at the same time as concerts, which means I don’t get to MC my own game show. Snif. Ah well, the marvellous and talented Shubzilla will do very well, I’m confident.

Also, in case I forgot – I’m playing on Friday, at 8pm, with Leannan Sidhe. We’re doing their material, and opening for PDX Broadsides, who are very funny. Come up to the Evergreens for that and say hi!

See you there, I hope!