A science-fiction writer of some notice has taken rather severe exception to the Legend of Korra finale. It’s the sort of vicious vitroil that I would expect out of Concerned Women for America – it’s too crude for the relatively-erudite such as Focus on the Family, and a bit too literate for the cretins at the American Family Association. You don’t have to read it; it’s the usual eliminationist rant.

I found out about it via Jim Hines’s post to his blog, and mostly, I spent time talking about how Korra affected a lot of us. But then Mr. Writer’s minions started showing up with their all-queers-are-child-molesters savagery, and, well, I may have started to have some fun with them last night.

A week ago, I made a now rather popular commentary on poison. These are people who would do and are doing everything they can to keep that poison inside of us – any method, rhetorical or otherwise, apparently will suffice. One of them is currently actively attempting to conflate abuse victims with child molesters. It’s quite repulsive.

I can’t imagine how it must feel, to be that brutal a sadist. Even I’m not that sort of terrible person, and I’m a goddamn supervillain.

Ah, well. I’m just glad the Avatar is on our side. o/

eta: Hooo, I hadn’t noticed the comment section on the original post had grown so much – I’m not sure whether my favourite comment is the one about how the rules of drama require that a strong female character have a stronger male love interest, the complaint about how Katara never learned proper submission to Aang, or the assertion that all anime exists to train child molesters.

It is a very strange universe over there.

eta2: Anna has a post up about the last beehive of 2014, and the idea of exterminating ideas, in the way Mr. Writer demands.