Hey everybody, we’re back up! We used the downtime to upgrade the webserver. WITH MY BRAIN. Also with a screwdriver.

Okay, mostly with a screwdriver

The lair was fine, of course. We even kept wifi and connectivity, even if we went dark to keep certain people from finding out too much about our resources… but I’ve said too much, now you’re all gonna die.

One thing we seriously learned this morning, though? I was unsurprised to discover that the switch built into Comcast Business Class internet modems kind of sucks at dealing with a mix of gigabit and 100mb interfaces. The upgrade was to get the last machine not on gigabit up to gigabit, and suddenly the entire uplink is meaningfully faster via the wireless regardless of whether the upgraded machine is even vaguely involved. Like, a third again faster on the 802.11g – the test I just ran was a solid 30% faster than the previous best speed. It’s kind of nuts.

This implies the Comcast Business modem/switch is making some really stupid decisions internally. Make sure to configure your LAN so it doesn’t have to make those decisions and life will be better.

Anyway, back to digging out. Honestly, who bombs with flowers? Are they hoping to hay fever us to death? That must be it.