Hey, sorry for all the radio silence. Too many irons in the fire at the moment to blog much – nwcMUSIC stuff, a big show that I’m hoping I can put on in late January, all that sort of thing. Lots of exciting possibilities, but nothing to announce until it happens.

So here, have a costume I made, from the “Korra, Alone” mini-arc which ran a few episodes ago on Avatar: Legend of Korra. (If you haven’t seen it, she’s going around in Earth Kingdom peasant-wear, due to reasons.) It’s not as green in the photo as it is in real life, and I don’t know why, so assume More Greener and you’ll get the idea. I was pretty happy with how it came out, particularly for such a rush job.

Did you cosplay for Halloween? Post pics if you did! 😀

In Character

Out of Character

ps: More costume and cosplay pics from the party on flickr.