I’d seen this going around day before yesterday, but hadn’t hit play. It should’ve been labelled MAD GENIUS AT WORK – HIT PLAY NOW. Because goddamn.

Yaybahar by Görkem Şen from Olgu Demir on Vimeo.

The idea of using long heavy metal cables as resonance objects in and of themselves is pretty brilliant. (Tying them to the soundboards makes it loud, but isn’t the source of the sound generation.) And keep playing after the initial bit; yes, the damn thing is tonal.

It’s called a Yaybahar (emphasis on yay) and was invented by Gorkem Sen. It sounds like a hurdy-gurdy and a sitar and an electric guitar and a cello and an early moog somehow managed to have one very large and kind of weird kid. And I want to invite that kid to my party.

(And thanks to @djwudi for the tip.)