Anna has all kinds of updates over on her blog – most relevantly to you the Bone Walker novel and soundtrack notes. We just had Shanti from Leannan Sidhe over doing some final chorus work. We are 98% done, less the readings.

You have no idea how excited about this album we are. You just don’t. I listen to these tracks and think ‘I can’t even believe this came out of my little studio, and I was there.’ Normally I’d be sitting here thinking ‘don’t oversell, don’t oversell,’ but I did not expect this album to turn into a serious business monster, and it has, and there’s just no way around that.

I have learned a lot since Dick Tracy Must Die, and it shows in every note and every beat. Goddamn I am excited about this. So is everyone who has heard it. You can still be one of these people – sign up for a review copy.

Readings get recorded in November. Mastering and replication follows in December. ARCs will go out then, too, and possibly (ahem) a limited/soft pre-release. Full official release January 2015.

Two and a half months. I swear, it’s gonna kill me. But seriously, I can’t wait.