It won’t have this name on the final album, but listening to it tonight, Run Like Hell seems to me to be a pretty good title for this preview.

Lots of guests on this one now. We welcome Alexander James Adams on percussion, Ellen Eades on hammer dulcimer, and Sunnie Larsen on fiddle. The faux-cello and faux-double-bass are, of course, faux, made by me out of an extra mic on and blasphemy done to Ellen’s dulcimer.

This track – in its entirety, anyway – is a release candidate. While it still sounds pretty good on my laptop speakers in testing, if you have a headset or a subwoofer, use it.

Oh, and me, I’m on irish bouzouki, mandolin, tubular bells, faux bass, and faux cello, the latter two with Ellen Eades.

Alexander James Adams appears courtesy Sea Fire Productions. Production at Supervillain Studios, Kenmore, Washington except for Alexander James Adams recording at PhantaSea Studios, Wisconsin.