I have some really exciting news about Bone Walker, the Free Court of Seattle soundtrack album, but I can’t say what yet because… I lack room in the margins? No! Because I want to tease you about it a bit? No! Well, okay, partly. But mostly because I have to nail down a few other things first and because the other life things are killing me and because I have a whole bunch of shows in a row to deal with first.

But, yeah. We’ll be being joined by somebody on some songs. Somebody we haven’t mentioned yet. It’s cool.

Good rehearsal today with Leannan Sidhe, between rounds of working on apartment renovation. Also had time to dip the hair back in the lava. Look, the lava pit has a doggie! She sits in my lap during the Process.

Maggie is a Good Dog. I have no idea what she sees in me.

Oh right, lots of petting, that’s what. 😀