I said I wasn’t going to be around, but about the time I realised I was setting up special filters to remove subsonics – bass below 20hz – from Kitsune at War, I realised I had to post, because c’mon. What the hell are these waveforms made of, duplo blocks?

We are from Planet Duplo and we are here to destroy you

This is actually pushing my software past some of its test limits. Not the core DAW, but some of the waveform manipulators. They’re doing things like lengthening sounds because they can’t handle notes with supercycles shorter than the note’s duration.

If that makes no sense to you, that’s okay. There’ll be a special remix specifically for the whale population who will want to hear that 4-8hz ultra bass.

Remember, last year, I warned you?

Extreme Crush Hazard

I was not fucking around.