In every project I’ve done so far there’s this huge chunk of drudgery and slogging and it goes on forever and ever and ever and ever and makes up most of the project.

And that’s not terrible. Don’t get me wrong, it’s part of the process.

But also in every project you get to this point where you’re doing One More Tedious Thing like, oh, positioning drums in a mix, and all at once you hear it, you hear the thing, it’s a rush of OH MY GOD IT’S ALIVE and you still have acres of work to do but you feel it take its first breath, and it’s electric and crazy and awesome and…

…today is that day. Now is that time.

Bone Walker is going to be amazing, you guys.

Get your headsets. Good ones, preferably, but earbuds are better than laptop speakers, so use what you got.