I love bass. From any kind of typical standpoint, my bass lines are waaaaay too complicated, but that’s just how I roll. Aw yeah, bass. Anna said I should put this up as a work-in-progress track from the Bone Walker soundtrack album, so enjoy the first 39 seconds of “Something’s Coming (2014),” emphasis on the bassline:

In directly related news, the second novel in her Rebels of Adalonia series, Vengeance of the Hunter, is out! You can go buy it! It’s not the novel series I’m doing music for, but it’s still hers. ^_^

This weekend I worked out the mandolin track for Song for a Free Court/Anarchy Now! – as I’m writing this I’m not quite capable of performing it for the microphones yet, but I’m close. Should in another day or so. It’s one of those things where I’m all, ‘goddammit this is hard I can’t even play it right’ and ‘goddammit this sounds great in the mix, fuck, I have to learn to do it.’

It’s not even that it’s so difficult. I could do it easily on zouk. Mostly it’s this power B that requires too many fingers in too little space on a mandolin, because I have absolutely no double-jointedness and can’t bend my fingers back even a tiny bit. Also I don’t have GIANT SAUSAGE FINGERS like so many mandolin players, so I can’t bridge all the strings with one finger. The result is a poor compromise of WHELP CLOSE ENOUGH I GUESS

Close enough for studio work, anyway. XD

But yeah, that’s what I’m doin’. Later this week: MOAR BASS. Yay!