Remember the data I promised couple of days ago, when talking about K Wiley livestreaming the nwcMUSIC concert programming at Norwescon? It’s here!

Looks like we’re gonna need this!

First: a more specific streaming schedule! The Doubleclicks? YES! Hello, The Future!? YES! Vixy & Tony? YES! More: YES!

This schedule is incomplete and I know for a fact some of those TBDs are going to turn into YESes, but I can’t say who until it’s formalised. So keep checking Fan Supported for an updated list.

Second: A few of you have helped get K’s bandwidth expenses close to defrayed! You are super awesome. He’s hoping to go beyond that and get ahold of some extra equipment, so if you’re interested in helping and haven’t yet, go check his page. There are plenty of details and some rewards for people who help.

I bet you can guess what I’ll be doing the next couple of days – finally seeing Winter Soldier, that’s what. WOOHOO! Oh, and, okay, fine, doing some nwcMUSIC stuff too, I guess. XD Got any plans for the weekend?