We’re going to try livestreaming the concerts at nwcMUSIC – the Norwescon geekmusic festival – this year! Not necessarily all the shows; some artists may opt out. But it’s a thing which will be happening, so we’re talking about it now. Go us!

If you can’t come to Norwescon, you can at least see some of what we’re doing at nwcMUSIC – for free! It’ll be an open livestream, no membership required.

K Wiley is running the webcast side; he’s done similar things at other events, and is donating his time and expertise to the convention. He’s also asking for help with defraying uplink costs, as this is an unfunded-by-Norwescon adventure and high-bandwidth mobile network uplinks are expensive.

I want to stress that the cost-coverage fundraiser is not a Norwescon project; it’s K trying to afford a better uplink, it’s all K, and all money goes to him. I’m chipping in myself, providing a backup network uplink, also out of my own pocket. But my uplink is slower, and less reliable, so he really hopes not to use it. If he can get some help, he won’t have to.

It has to fund really quickly though, because Norwescon is so close. Nobody really wanted to do it this way, but after some other ideas fell through, well, here we are, exploring options and engaging backup plans. So if you’ve wondered what nwcMUSIC shows are like – and we have quite the lineup this year, with people like The Doubleclicks and Molly Lewis and Seanan McGuire and 9K1 and Death*Star – but can’t attend Norwescon, give it a look.

And keep reading for updates; since this is a late addition, I’ll be posting updates as we have more pieces fall into place. And they will – if nothing else, we have my Verizon uplink. But it’s much less robust than a proper high-speed network uplink, so check out his page and see what you think.

We’d like to do this every year! Maybe someday we can. 😀