TA DAAAAAAAH! It’s the nwcMUSIC 2014 schedule! It’s huge! It’s tremendous! It’s a bit late but we’re pulling it together! It’ll be awesome.

Been a Long Time Coming

We have an overview writeup here, with concert details (including playable tracks!) here, and detailed information about workshops and performance opportunities here.

You’ll note we’re down from the Salon this year. YES! FRONT ROW! Or at least out of exile. Go us! Cascadia’s Got Talent is going to be in a big room this year – we’ve been filling the tiny Salon for a while, but Salon is tiny, so if only that many people show up in Evergreen, it’s gonna feel all spooky and quiet. So show up and bring people! Also, consider entering, it’s a lot of fun.

We’re like three weeks out already! Where’d the year go?! Pass this thing around like crazy OK!