Over the weekend, I posted about still having a Windows XP partition (that boots very rarely, but not quite never), asking what to do about it. If you’re still running XP, you need to do this too, because security patches stop coming on April 8th.


It’s going to be a hax0r’s field day; as of last month, 29.53% of desktops were still on Windows XP. All of them will be active parts of botnets on April… 9th, probably. Even those which haven’t been turned on. I know this because of facts, but it’s also actually true.

Anyway, I’ve been making a backup image of my hard drive and I’m going to try what dreamatdrew said, after I run out to buy Yet More Crap because Reasons, most of which involve how I really, really wish Windows talked to ext3 filesystems, but it doesn’t, because kill everyone.

Killing everyone is an important part of a supervillain’s daily workout. That, and petting the kitty. Hi, George.

Anyway, that’s what I’ll be doing today, so wish me luck with all that, or else. Or else what? Well, I haven’t worked out today yet. That’s what.