So last time, in the giant post about rocks, I mentioned getting back on stage since the first time since eye surgery. So, well, how’d it go?

At the Vancouver Folk Music Society
(photo courtesy Anna Korra’ti)

I’m gonna toot my own horn a little and say that it went really, really well. I was pretty scared going in, honestly – I was only doing three songs, part of the “open stage” set of VFMS, which really isn’t that different to an open mic as far as I can tell – but still, it had been months.

Now, I knew from their website that their crowds like to sing along, so I did Song for a Blockade Runner, Ten Finger Johnny, and The S-100 Bus, all of which have easy repeating bits. As it turned out, like I said in Twitter, they are the singingest audience I ever know! I had the room with me the whole way. They even gave me a little extra time, and after, took a break before the next performer and did some announcements.

So thanks again, VFMS, for letting me play! It was loads of fun, and I’d like to do it again. ^_^

Then a couple of days later, up in Cumberland, Anna and I found the venue where Le Vent du Nord would be playing on Tuesday. It was pretty empty, being a Monday night:

…tho’ more people were there than can be seen in this picture. Anyway, a couple of the patrons noticed I had the zouk with me, and asked if I’d play. The innkeep overheard, and hoped I would too – she turned off the house music – so Anna and I did a set and a half between us. Very relaxed and informal, and I note again for anyone who might be considering this from a legal angle that it was unpaid, unscheduled, and unofficial, so not work in any legal sense. But it was still a lot of fun and all the people there listening thought so too.

So, yeah! A couple of baby steps back in, really, but quite successful ones, if I might say so. I’m not quite ready to start booking out gigs again, but… soon.