Really, Loncon? Really? This guy is your Hugo presenter? I mean, sure, you’re an English Worldcon, and SFWA is all United States and such, but really, I thought you might’ve noticed some of that kerfluffle – after all, you’ve already lost one commmittee member over the choice.

Thinking on it, maybe a guy who has built a comedy career out of punching down, who launches mock secual assault on guests to his show as jokes, who calls up 78-year-old actors and leaves a series of voice mails about fucking his granddaughter – on the air – might not’ve been a good idea.

Honestly, this is a man whose comedy awards presentation was so terrible that viewers called for the entire British Comedy Awards to be scrapped outright.

This is your guy. The founding member of the Rude Boy racism-and-sexism-is-intrinsically-hilarious revival in British comedy. This guy. The one who, to be fair, had more than just that going on, but… honestly, really? This was your good idea? In this context, in particular?

Well, embarrassment humour is a mainstay of British comedy, and you’ve certainly made me feel a bit embarrassed about my Friend of the Bid support. So… well done there? But probably not in the way you think.

eta: Wow, that was quick; he seems to have dropped out. I’d suggest it was a stunt except there’s no value in it. Perhaps he was sincere and didn’t realise what a couple of decades of this sort of thing might make people outside his core demographic think about his desirability as a presenter. Who can say? Poorly handed, still, really. I’m more astonished than angry; Radish Reviews is more angry than astonished. Also, David Perry analyses the way it went down, with a site note on Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston and his condemnation of people unhappy about the choice as “haters” who can’t take a joke, with bonus notes on “fainting couch” and “hysterical [women]” comments. Worth reading.

eta2: People have been fixating on Seanan McGuire’s reaction, accusing her of hounding him into quitting. But that’s entirely untrue, and the timestamps prove it – he’d offered to resign before she’d’ve even awakened that morning, much less posted, and walked away an hour later. Charlie Stross’s equally negative reaction – to 20,000 people – came hours before, and that’s what got it started.


ps: I know I said I wasn’t blogging today – hi from Cascadia Rail 510 north to Vancouver, by the by – and doing this on mobile is difficult! But, well, motivation, I have it.