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700,000 people at once

I put a few photos from yesterday’s 700,000-person Seahawks superbowl victory parade up on Flickr. That’s more people at the parade than live within city limits.

Here’s one photo as a preview:

More at the link.

best worst idea

Yes, yes, zillions of people have made floppy drives play music. That’s cool.

Rupert, though – six-voice single-controller system, complete with DIY printed-circuit board. Epic.

(HT to Klopfenpop for the link)

There’s video at the site of the build, and some demo footage. G’wan, it’s cool.

PS: As I’m writing this, nobody has figured out the right answer yet. Go, listen, try!

proof of work

I’m sick of talking about eye surgery and all that other crap. Remember the Bone Walker/Free Court of Seattle soundtrack album? Here, have a sneak preview work track – it’s the Irish tunes set which goes with Chapter 23 of Faerie Blood:

Normally I wouldn’t throw a work track out there, not even as a sneak preview, but yeah. This is missing the percussion, a male voice counting in individual tunes in Gaelic (because plot reasons), some chimes, and final assembly, but it has the right shape. You can see what rough beast caleighs its way towards Newfoundland in this.

That’s Ellen Eades on hammer dulcimer, Sunnie Larsen on fiddle, me on mandolin and Irish bozouki, and…

You may notice also notice a bass instrument in there. I’ve posted it separately:

I am so pleased with myself over this entirely accidental discovery. Everyone I’ve played it for has guessed standup bass or double-bass (including a professional cellist), but give your opinion; then guess what it actually is. I dare you. I double dog dare you.

I’ll tell you this much: it’s not synthetic, and it’s not a double-bass.

Actually, should I make this a contest? I haven’t done a contest in forever. First person to guess right – WHO HASN’T ALREADY BEEN TOLD AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE – gets a download of any album I have on Bandcamp, including this one once it comes out, which it hasn’t yet. Go!

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