Well, that’s a lot more colour, isn’t it? Lots of colours! This soundtrack project has some goddamn momentum.

The Big Board, 27 February 2014

Colourful, and well more than half yellow (indicating we have our recordings and they’re in some stage of comp/edits) or blue (meaning it’s basically finished).


And if you’re new – welcome, Metafilter readers! – I’m talking about The Free Court of Seattle fantasy novel series soundtrack album, our current project in progress. It’s been delayed a few times thanks to things like emergency eye surgery, but we’ve put up a couple of work-in-progress instrumental tracks here (“Kitsune at War”) and here, recently, as we’ve built momentum.

We also have some free-download songs, the most recent being Kaiju Meat, the track we did for Jaegercon, the Pacific Rim fan convention this past summer. Have at!